The project

We are thrilled to present to you Moore Maritime Index (MMI), our statistical and analytics tool for shipping operating costs and revenues of more than 1,500 vessels. We extract our data from the financial statements of ship-owning companies audited by Moore Global member firms, as well as from verifiable independent submissions from all around the world.

MMI provides:

Information on key maritime sectors, namely, Dry Bulk, Tanker, Container and Specialized vessels, such as Gas Carriers (LNG & LPG). The design enables users to obtain their own insights in relation to two fundamental strategic factors which affect performance; income and operational expenses. Shipping operating costs are grouped under the following categories:

  • Crew Costs: Crew Wages, Provisions, Crew Other
  • Stores: Lubricants, Stores other
  • R&M: Spares, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Insurance: H&M and other marine insurance, P&I insurance
  • Administration: Registration Costs, Management fees, Sundry Expenses

Additionally, MMI provides users with exclusive information relating to vessels’ net income and dry-docking/special survey expenses. Users can find detailed definitions of all categories of revenues and shipping operating costs in the Glossary.

The Index presents the average value of each cost and revenue category. Additionally, it includes a wide range of statistical indices, such as lower and higher bounds, median and average values, standard deviation and Coefficient of Variation, which aim to assist in a more scientific analysis of the data.

All values presented in MMI are on a daily basis, except dry docking values. All values are presented in US dollars.

Who can use the Moore Maritime Index? Management companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other stakeholders. Using a statistical and analytics tool, such as MMI can assist them in understanding the associated strategic and operational risks of the different maritime sectors. The mapping of the different risks leads to the creation of a manageable and calculated risk-taking decision-making process by decision-makers. Users can use this analytics tool more to understand the behavior of the individual maritime sectors.

Moore Maritime Index provides basic analytics to all users for free. Members (simple members and prime users) enjoy more benefits. Depending on the category of membership, members may have additional access to extended features, charts and the option to personalize the content of the platform through the use of a number of filters, in order to focus on specialized information.

We would like to thank all our contributors for their data submissions and their support. Our database will always benefit from the submission of more data, so we highly encourage every ship-owner/operator to submit their data to our system.